round-upOperation Round Up

Round your bill up to the nearest dollar (an average of 50 cents per month) to help your local community.

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About the Program

Butte Electric members help to enhance the quality of life for people in our communities through Operation Round Up. Bills of participating members are “rounded-up” to the next dollar amount and grants are awarded to non-profit organizations for charitable activities throughout our service area. There are no overhead costs – 100 percent of the money collected is returned to our communities. 


Apply for a Grant

Application Deadline is November 10

How are Grants Invested?

In order to have the greatest impact on people within the Butte Electric service area, Operation Round Up will generally invest funds in projects or activities that:

  • Are one-time in nature rather than ongoing or continuous
  • Benefit a large number of people
  • Leverage funds from other sources
  • Distribute funds to organizations that serve individuals or families in crisis
  • Help programs increase their capacity to deliver services
  • Are for a tax-exempt, non-profit, or 501(c)3 organization.
  • Enhance cooperation and collaboration among organizations.
  • Avoid duplication of services.
  • Help deliver services of an organization more effectively.

Grants are generally not awarded for:

  • Daily school operations.
  • Normal operating expenses.
  • Fundraising or political campaigns.
  • Loans or deficit spending.
  • Endowment funds.
  • Retroactive projects.
  • Individuals.
  • Faith-based organizations

Enroll in Operation Round Up

By allowing us to “round up” your monthly electric bill to the next dollar, you put your small change to work right in your own community. All of the money collected goes back to grant recipients. For an average round-up contribution of 50 cents per month, your small change will make a BIG difference.

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