Butte Electric continue to deliver innovative customer service,
from water heater rebates, ground-source heat pumps and more.
For more than 60 years Butte Electric has operated with the type of
integrity you hope to instill in your children and find in your neighbors.
Butte Electric isn't just member-owned - they're member-driven - which
provides a level of accountability unmatched in the marketplace.
Butte Electric isn't just a good neighbor, but continues to be
an integral, active and responsible member of the community.
- Innovation       - Integrity       - Accountablility       - Commitment to Community

Scholarship Program

Butte Electric Scholarship Program

Basin Electric Power Cooperative takes great pride in its ability to assist in developing rural leadership in the region through its scholarship program. The Basin Electric Cooperative scholarship program is designed to recognize and encourage the achievements of the children of member-cooperative employees and consumers. Butte Electric, as a member of Basin Electric, is eligible to receive one $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to one of it's members or member's dependents each year.

Applicants for the scholarships must be U. S. citizens and a member of Butte Electric Cooperative, or a member's dependent. Applicants also must be students enrolled, or planning to enroll, in a full-time undergraduate or graduate course of study at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school. Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on SAT/ACT scores, overall grade-point average, work experience, participation in school and community activities, a personal statement of career goals, and a written recommendation by a third party. Starting in 2008, the scholar must include an essay. The application deadline is in February and winners will be announced by April 1.

For more information or for a scholarship application form and essay theme, contact the Guidance Counselor at your school or call Butte Electric at 605-456-2494 or 800-928-8839.

Previous Winners
1992 - Stacy Erhart, Belle Fourche
1993 - Sami Whitlock, Spearfish
1994 - Jason Langer, Spearfish
1995 - Melody Eide, Nisland
1996 - Kristin Keiry, Nisland
1997 - Amanda Richards, Spearfish
1998 - Scottie Hefner, Whitewood
1999 - Clinton Richards, Spearfish
2000 - Katrina Jensen, St. Onge
2001 - Jackie Harmon, Spearfish
2002 - Katie Pavel, Whitewood
2003 - Christopher Roozen, Spearfish
2004 - Sarah Manley, Sturgis
2005 - Nate Stephens, St. Onge
2006 - Kerrie Roozen, Spearfish
2007 - Roni Lamphere, Belle Fourche
2008 - Kaitlyn Hemmingson, Spearfish
2009 - Renee Waterland, Newell
2010 - Tyler Hogen, Newell
2011 - Megan Mutchler, Newell
2012 - Martina Mack
2013 - Dakota McTaggert, Newell
2014 - Fehrin Ward, Fruitdale